The health of our people is our priority, let´s prevent covid-19!

We work on encouraging healthy hygiene habits among our people, to protect them integrally and mentally from the possible risks, thus we have implemented the following measures:

  • Modification of processes for maintenance of ventilation systems and carpeting.
    Reducing time between maintenance.


  • Modification of cleaning protocols.
    Substitution of the cleaning products used, with hospital grade disinfection products. Enzymatic cleaners for carpet disinfection.


  •  Information campaigns.
    Frequent hand wash, protocols for sneezing and coughing, greeting protocols, ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus, etc.
  • Medical Equipment.

We have internal protocols for Preventive Measures and Management of Suspected Cases of Coronavirus (2019-nCov).

Our medical team is constantly following the protocol for containment of Coronavirus (2019-nCov).

  • Deep Cleaning and Disinfection through Nebulization

We were able to eliminate more than 500 strains of viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Rapid action, flexible and multipurpose powerful biosafe disinfectant.