The effort of our people drives us, we all strive to meet our clients` needs.

Get to know us

At NETCOM we support our people, we offer growth opportunities, we encourage healthy habits and, through our Volunteering Program we enjoy helping those in vulnerable positions.

Meet our staff leaders

Fernando Murillo P.
General Manager Fernando Murillo P.
Mario Guerra R.
Commercial Manager Mario Guerra R.
Ronald Soto H.
Operations Manager Ronald Soto H.
Silvia Rojas V.
Administrative and Financial Coordinator Silvia Rojas V.
Kaylor Gónzalez C.
Compliance and Continuous Improvement Coordinator Kaylor Gónzalez C.
Esteban Román M.
Infraestructure Coordinator Esteban Román M.
Gabriela Alvarado R.
Human Resources Coordinator Gabriela Alvarado R.
Juan Avendaño M.
Workforce Management Coordinator Juan Avendaño M.
Karla Chaves P.
Quality and Training Coordinator Karla Chaves P.
Marco Ruiz C.
Business Intelligence Coordinator Marco Ruiz C.
Alejandro Quirós V.
Operations Coordinator Alejandro Quirós V.
Jason Madriz R.
Operations Coordinator Jason Madriz R.
Eduardo Jiménez A.
Service Desk Coordinator Eduardo Jiménez A.
Braulio Brenes B.
Operations Coordinator Braulio Brenes B.
Marlon Arias N.
Operations Coordinator Marlon Arias N.