We can assure professional quality staff for the execution of your operations, these are some of the most important certifications we hold.

Focused on Customer Experience at a business level

We increase your customers` satisfaction through an improvement of the service and quality, increasing your income and reducing the cost to provide an excellent service; we attain this through the standards proposed by COPC that gives us a set of management and training practices for customer centered service operations.

Certification according to the international standard ISO 18295-1:2017 recognizes those customer contact centers that comply with quality requirements aimed at constantly improving the customer experience.

Pura Vida, charismatic,
specialized and talented

We are Nation Brand

Esencial COSTA RICA is our country Brand, Costa Rica portrays itself to the world integrally promoting tourism, investment and exports, hand in hand with the Costa Rican culture and uniqueness. We are competitive

The Carbon Neutrality certification is a recognition of our efforts to be an environmentally and socially responsible company.

These are some of the certifications
of our personnel

The COPC Standard for the Optimization of Customer Experience (CX) for Vendor Management Organizations (VMOs) is oriented towards the specific needs of the VMOs working with outsourced suppliers which provide customer experience services.

The Certification for Project Management Professional certifies that the certified professional has the necessary experience, education and skills to guide and lead projects.

The COPC Standard for the Optimization of Customer Experience (CX) for Suppliers of Integral Services for the Customer (PSICs) is a well known and prestigious standard in the industry for customer experience operations.

The certification Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) provides concepts and good practices for the management of information technology services.

Personnel qualified in Six Sigma, have a general vision of Six Sigma and the DMAIC cycle. We have personnel certified in Yellow Belt and Green Belt.

Personnel qualified in CQE with a vision of the principles of the evaluation and control of the quality of services and products.