Services and Solutions



Customer service is the main communication channel between your company and the client. Customer service can provide from general basic information, all the way to advanced consultations about a specific product or service, always having a good management of contacts by part of a highly trained team and leading edge technology with the most powerful tools available to connect you in a personal manner with the clients and therefore strengthen your brand. The first contact that a client has with a company may determine the beginning of a long lasting business relation.

On line

On line sales in an inbound service capture all your potential clients that are looking for something they have an interest in, such as, information or prices; or clients that are looking for advice regarding some type of product or service. This inbound service enables you to create an experience with the client and makes the client look for a salesman and not the salesman look for the client, thus gaining attention and providing the impulse required to finalize a purchase.


Through correct appointment management it is possible to maintain control and provide a good customer service for those who request a space to carry out several procedures related to their products or services. The clients will be given a specific day and time, obtaining the benefit of a correct distribution of the work load and efficiency in the service improving the perception of customer service and reducing the wait time.



Front Desk service consists on the reception of calls which the clients make to a customer service number or another service to request information, solve possible problems, process requests, or other motives. Answering inbound calls through a contact center enables you to offer your clients a higher level service, provide uniform answers and detect and solve common questions, as well as provide high levels of reliability and confidentiality of the information.

Assistance in
Promotions and Campaigns

Assistance in massive campaigns about products or services you wish to promote and need to get the attention of your clients in the best way possible. We support the flow of calls generated by your clients when promotional campaigns are launched, new publicity, events, etc. This will enable you to provide your clients with the best service even at times of high call volume.

Client Retention
and Recovery

Whenever a client calls a call service to finalize a service or make a claim, these calls cannot be treated the same way as a normal customer service calls. Listen, understand and provide solutions to the client are the main cornerstones to strengthen customer retention in your company, and applying these principles appropriately help maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, building trust and successful relations, by using a call that started with a complaint to strengthen the relationship with your client.




Telemarketing creates an important sales environment, with a good strategy and the adequate techniques, and may be very effective to reach the consumer and finalize the sale of products and services. This is also an effective method that besides selling products, will help us introduce the clients to all the services or products offered, thus positioning these in the market efficiently.

Market service
and research

Surveys enable you to know what your clients or prospective clients think about a specific product or service. With the results obtained it is possible to adjust products and services to increase sales and lower the risks. These tools may be of help also for a broad range of uses such as broaden your information about the clients, measure final user satisfaction, provide follow up to quality processes, carry out opinion polls and much more. All these are very important in the improvement of our services.

Collection and
Recovery Management

Collection and Recovery management consists of the anticipation, control and reconciliation of collections and payments. Aware of the fact that late payments is a large problem for all companies, an optimum management shall not be limited to depend on the circumstances, but rather exercise effective collection and recovery campaigns, with trained personnel and techniques that ensure an accurate management, enabling the prevention of possible tension and study solutions to problems ahead of time. We offer services for the different types of late payments always seeking to increase recovery, avoiding any damage on the image and relation with the clients and increasing your company´s liquidity.

Data Base Updating
and Elaboration

Data is of great importance for companies, thus a fast and effective update of the data base through telephone calls is a good way to maintain the information needed current. Cleaning the existent data, updating contacts or any other necessary information, can be kept up to date with a proper management of your database.

With the information gathered in the data base updates it is possible to have customer segmentation and based on this conduct campaigns, such as events, send out promotions, data analysis and generation of opportunities based on the needs found, which will bring you closer to your client in a very successful manner.


Telephone sales is the use of the technology of the contact centers to have effective sales approaches with the clients. This can be used for any type of product, since fully trained personnel can make sales efforts in many different environments without having to travel, always complying with the different needs of their clients, with the purpose of obtaining their loyalty, minimizing costs and increasing sales.

Customer retention
and recovery

A successful customer retention service accompanies the client throughout his whole life with your company and starts at the moment in which the client deposits his trust by purchasing any of your products and services. With our tools and services you may identify the elements behind customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction at each one of the moments in the client´s relationship with the company, promoting loyalty towards your companies and products.

Self Service Platform


In the changing market we are facing, getting to know our clients can be the key to our success. Surveys through IVR are a widely used system that allows companies to obtain information that can be used as feedback about their products or services, using automation to seek the optimization of resources. Providing the possibility to conduct a greater number of surveys in a shorter period of time.


IVR are systems which allow the automation of repetitive and massive consultations, which generally take a lot of the organization´s personnel. This system is able to answer a call and direct the call to a specific department or service, through interactive voice menus offered to the client.

Automated Database

Maintaining the client´s data is highly important for any company, through the use of IVR it is possible to conduct data base updating campaigns by gathering missing information from your clients using pre-set questions and automated voice systems, obtaining fresh results from the most important part of any company, the clients.

Service Desk


The Help Desk is a service that offers the possibility to manage and solve the possible incidences, support requests and consultations regarding IT specific services, from one or several contact means. The Help Desk is designed to help increase productivity and IT services´ internal and external user satisfaction.


The Service Desk acts as a single contact point between users and IT services management, attaining a service which enables an integral management of the IT processes and not only a department that works in a reactive manner or as fire-fighters when problems arise. Directed by the best process practices based on ITIL and serviced by personnel specialized in information technology areas enabling the optimization of processes and procedures which allow the reduction of solution times and their correct escalation.

A Service Desk makes possible the centralization and management of incidents and requirements related to the IT services in your company, being able to respond to theses or carry out an agile escalation process redirecting the requests always to the correct area, saving time.

Social Media

Effective monitoring and management of Social Media channels can lead to real time problem resolution, higher customer satisfaction, and higher customer retention. Well thought publications and quick and accurate answers can become a successful hook for all users who are active in social media.

A business profile which is well managed may become a channel of great importance for the promotion of company products and services, by attaining effective communication, bringing your clients closer to you by using a digital means of great impact nowadays.

More Services


Sending Personalized Email and SMS. This is an effective way to inform your final users about messages of their interest or important topics, the reason for this is that the use of the mobile phones and email services has become an essential part of people´s everyday life. These messages may be personalized at any level required and sent massively to cover your complete contact portfolio.

Cloud Contact

Connect with your clients in the channel they choose. Manage all of your contacts through Email, Chat, SMS, IM, and Social Networks, in the same way you manage your voice inbound and outbound interactions. Take advantage of multichannel contact center, directing the persons who call to the most adequate resource each time they contact you. Provide your agents the context, both in real time as well as historic, in order to deliver a personalized customer experience. Reduce your expenses by using low cost channels and consistently deliver a unified, efficient and highly customized experience which will build up your brand and customer loyalty.


The technological renting model offered by NETCOM, allows companies to have the technology and services required available for their operation and growth, without having to make large investments compromising your cash flow. This service contemplates the supply of new and last generation platforms, as well as implementation, management and maintenance services, all included in a monthly rental fee.