About Us


Our Vision

To be the leading company in Contact Centers, known for the quality of our services and your clients´ level of satisfaction.

Our Mission

To be partners with companies that trust our services contributing to their business suzcess and guaranteeing the best experience.

Netcom BCC is a company with offices in Costa Rica and Panama, dedicated to market contact center solutions, data and video.


Our Values

icon compromiso


We are committed to our partners´ success and excellence

icon pasion


Our work is done with passion, enthusiasm and with the goal of continuous improvement

icon integridad


The integrity and respect of our values define what we believe in, we assume responsability of our actions

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: Trust is obtained through transparency and respect in our relations with all our clients and interest groups (employees, suppliers, society and stockholders)

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We work as a team, we focus on understanding the needs of our partners, supported on our capacity and multinational experience

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We respect both our clients and each one of the members in our work team, fostering harmonious interactions among all the parts

¿Why should you
trust us?

COPC Certified Personnelicon dot

ITIL Certified Personnelicon dot

PMP Certified Personnelicon dot

Avaya Certified Personnelicon dot

More than 1200 positions in Costa Ricaicon dot

More than 150 positions in Panamáicon dot

Capacity of up to 2.000 positions for multichannel agentsicon dot

More than 2.000.000 multichannel interactions per monthicon dot

Geographic redundancy in both countriesicon dot

High technology platform, business intelligence workicon dot

Technological redundancyicon dot

High availabilityicon dot

Services 24/7icon dot

personnel specialized in trainingicon dot

QA specialized personnelicon dot

More than 1,000,000 calls managed per monthicon dot

Support processesicon dot